Dr. Durant: EE-3032 Signals and Systems


Signals and Systems: Theory and Applications by Fawwaz T. Ulaby and Andrew E. Yagle, published 2018, ISBN: 978-1-60785-486-9

Outline and reading assignments


Quizzes with Solutions

Sample Exams


Winter, 2019-2020

Fall, 2019


Additional Readings

Final exam

The final exam will be given per the schedule that is published by the Registrar’s Office in approximately week 6. It may cover any material from the course. The exam will last 2 hours.

General course policies

EE3032-specific course policies

You will need the use of a calculator capable of performing complex number arithmetic and simultaneous equation solution of equations with complex coefficients, and with the ability to perform symbolic substitutions (such as a TI-89 or TI-89 Titanium).

Show all work, and work neatly, on your quiz and exam problems - a simple numeric answer is generally not sufficient. No credit given for work your professor cannot easily read or readily follow.

Learning objectives

Grading algorithm

Homework 15%
Weekly Quizzes 55%
Comprehensive Final Exam 30%