Dr. Durant: CE-1910 Digital Logic II: Sequential Systems

Main course website (not currently active)

The main course website includes textbook information, weekly lab objectives, course-specific policies, and daily learning objectives. A few additional items are posted here…

Additional readings - 2009


Weekly lab details will be available on the main course website. All prelab assignments and in-lab activities will be conducted individually, but you are free to consult with other students and the professor. All lab assignments will be weighted equally by weeks (2-week labs count twice as much as 1-week labs) and will be evaluated using a provided check-out sheet.

Lab Check-out Sheets

General course policies


Quizzes will be given during the first 15 minutes of most lab periods. The lowest quiz grade will be dropped. No make-up quizzes will be given.

Final exam

The final exam will be given per the schedule that is published by the Registrar’s Office in approximately week 6. It may cover any of the learning objectives from the course, which are posted on the main course website. The exam will last 2 hours. No notes, books, calculators, etc. may be used on the final.

Optional homework

Grading algorithm

Labs 33 1/3%
Quizzes 33 1/3%
Final Exam 33 1/3%