CE Academic Advising

Advising policy

Computer engineering students see their advisors regularly to discuss academic and career plans and progress. In most terms, CE students must receive their advisors’ clearance before registering; the online registration system enforces this. Beat the registration rush by contacting your advisor early in the quarter. You are welcomed and encouraged to meet with your advisor even in terms when it is not required to discuss your internship search, career goals, etc.

The policy is:

“Freshman,” etc. are based on credits and are defined in the "Grade Level" section of the "Academic Regulations and Policies" section of the MSOE Undergraduate Catalog.

Remember that you can schedule your advising appointment before you receive your quarterly registration notice from the Registrar, so do not wait until the last week!

Starting in week 7 sign-up sheets with available advising slots are normally posted on your advisor’s office door. Please sign up for one of these slots; signing up early will give you a wider choice of times. Some advisors will notify you of other appointment procedures (e.g., Outlook) or walk-in advising hours.

What to bring to the meeting with your advisor


The MSOE Registrar keeps track of the advisor assigned to each student. If you are not sure who your advisor is, you can find out by following these steps.

The CE advisors are Profs. Durant, Livingston, Meier, Rothe, and Varnell. All their offices are located on the 3rd floor of the Library.

Elective Options, Planned Offerings

CE Elective Rules, etc.

Closed Sections

After your registration time, you may request entry into a closed section; every effort will be made to arrange a schedule with your on-track courses. Each department has its own policies for handling closed section requests.


Forms for declaring a minor, changing/adding a major, etc., are available on the Registrar’s website.

Two-degree Tracks

Two-degree tracks exist for CE in combination with CS, EE and SE. These tracks are laid out for 5 years, but students have accelerated the course sequence and finished in one or two quarters beyond 4 years. Please see your advisor or program director (Dr. Durant) for more information.

Internship and Job Search Resources