Dr. Durant: Spring 2020 Schedule

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
10:00   CE1921-11      
11:00 CE1921-11   CE1921-11 CE1921-11
12:00 CE4020 RC Cooler
CFM Tester
1:00 Dept. Meeting        
3:00       CE4020 SmartPets  
4:00   CE4020 Smart Tap      

Microsoft Teams Office Hours

Instead of scheduled office hours while “stay at home” orders are in effect, I am scheduling appointments with students as needed in Microsoft Teams. Please contact me by email or Microsoft Teams chat to arrange a time. We can meet using either the Teams chat feature or one of us can go to the team channel for your class and start a meeting with the other. If you see a meeting in progress in the channel, feel free to join it.

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