Milwaukee Architecture

Panorama Views

Here are several panorama views of Milwaukee's skyline. Be sure to scroll as needed to see the whole photo.

Extremely wide skyline from the Lakefront. (207 KB, size: 4798 x 400).

Skyline from northwest of Downtown. (83 KB, size: 1452 x 400).

Skyline from south of Downtown. (74 KB, size: 1379 x 400).

It's probably obvious where I stood for the Lakefront photo -- on the landfill area next to the seawall (in Veterans Park), off of the Art Center. For the NW of Downtown shot, I was on the pedestrian overpass above the Park Freeway (when the freeway was still there). It was a little tricky shooting through the fence! For the one from the south, I was at the north end of Bay View Park, near E. Oklahoma Ave. and S. Superior St.