Eric Durant: Classes Taken at MSOE


CH200 Chemistry I Schopler, Prof. Harry A./Solochek, Prof. Joyce 1993-1994 Winter
CH201 Chemistry II Solochek, Prof. Joyce/Kore-Kakulis, Prof. Brigita 1994 Spring

Computer Science and Engineering

CS182 Computer Programming (C++) Blessing, Dr. Jeff 1996 Fall
CS183 Software Design (C++) Sebern, Dr. Mark J. 1996-1997 Winter
CS185 Introduction to Programming (Fortran) Geren, Prof. Douglas 1993 Fall
CS280 Assembly Language (Intel 80286) Blessing, Dr. Jeff 1997 Spring
CS285 Data Structures (C) Blessing, Dr. Jeff 1996-1997 Winter
CS321 Computer Graphics (C++) Sebern, Dr. Mark J. 1997-1998 Winter
CS384 Operating Systems (68HC11 ASM) Sebern, Dr. Mark J. 1998 Spring
CS392 Computer Architecture Barnekow, Prof. William 1996-1997 Winter
CS470 Modeling and Simulation (C++) Tran, Prof. Hue 1998 Spring
CS486 Database System Design Sebern, Dr. Mark J. 1997 Spring
CS488 Artificial Intelligence Blessing, Dr. Jeff 1997-1998 Winter
CS489 Software Engineering Design Sebern, Dr. Mark J. 1997 Fall
CS495 Computer Networking Welch, Dr. Henry 1997 Fall

Electrical Engineering

EE201 Linear Networks Petzold, Dr. Donald 1994 Spring
EE202 Transient Analysis Chier, Dr. Michael 1995 Spring
EE230 Special Network Applications Born, Dr. Richard 1994-1995 Winter
EE290 Combinational and Sequential Logic Tritt, Dr. Charles 1994-1995 Winter
EE291 Microprocessor Systems (68HC11 ASM) Tran, Prof. Hue 1995 Spring
EE303 Signal Analysis Petzold, Dr. Donald 1996-1997 Winter
EE310 Electronic Devices and Circuits Petersen, Dr. Owe 1995 Fall
EE311 Electronic Networks Robles, Dr. Teodoro C. 1995-1996 Winter
EE320 Electrical and Magnetic Fields Petzold, Dr. Donald 1995-1996 Winter
EE340 Electromechanical Energy Conversion Statts, Dr. Gus 1995-1996 Winter
EE370 Control Systems Saadat, Dr. Hadi 1996 Spring
EE381 Applied Numerical Methods (C) Tran, Prof. Hue 1995 Fall
EE383 Computer Aided Design (MATLAB) Woelfl, Dr. Gerald 1996 Spring
EE393 VLSI Design Tran, Prof. Hue 1996 Spring
EE401 Principles of Communications Reyer, Dr. Steven 1997 Fall
EE407 Senior Design Project Part I Welch, Dr. Henry 1996 Fall
EE408 Senior Design Project Part II Welch, Dr. Henry 1996-1997 Winter
EE409 Senior Design Project Part III Welch, Dr. Henry 1997 Spring
EE412 Electronic Systems Design Petzold, Dr. Donald 1996 Fall
EE422 Digital Signal Processing Reyer, Dr. Steven 1996 Fall
EE423 Applications of Digital Signal Processing (TMS320C1x ASM) Reyer, Dr. Steven 1996-1997 Winter
EE424 Data Communications Kwon, Dr. Andrew 1997 Spring
EE481 Fuzzy Sets and Applications Tran, Prof. Hue 1997-1998 Winter

Engineering Graphics

EG120 Engineering Graphics Bollman, Prof. Marvin 1993-1994 Winter


EN131H Honors Composition Furlick, Prof. Richard 1993 Fall
EN132 Technical Composition Dyskow, Prof. Joanne 1993-1994 Winter
EN241 Speech Steininger, Prof. Judith 1994 Fall

General Engineering

GE100 Introduction to Engineering Concepts Fitzsimmons, Prof. Verna 1993 Fall

Humanities and Social Sciences

HS161 Psychology Bolekins, Prof. Gary 1993 Fall
HS420 Classical Derivatives Kleppin, Prof. Robert 1997-1998 Winter
HS431 (Formal) Logic Borowicz, Dr. Jon 1995 Fall
HS432 Ethics Boelkins, Prof. Gary 1996 Fall
HS434 Creative Thinking Cummisford, Prof. Robert 1994 Fall
HS437 Praxiology Borowicz, Dr. Jon 1994 Fall
HS461 Industrial Psychology Haggerty, Prof. Veronica 1994 Spring
HS462 Developmental Psychology Borowicz, Prof. Connie 1997 Fall
HS464 Human Factors Meloy, Prof. Joseph P. 1997 Spring

Industrial Engineering

IE423 Engineering Economy Rather, Prof. Stephen 1996 Spring


MA231 Calculus III Edmund, Prof. Carl 1993 Fall
MA232 Calculus IV Griggs, Prof. Edward 1993-1994 Winter
MA235 Differential Equations Schilleman, Prof. Robert 1993-1994 Winter
MA262 Probability and Statistics Schilleman, Prof. Robert 1994 Spring
MA330 Vector Analysis Schilleman, Prof. Robert 1995 Spring
MA343 Matrix Methods and Linear Programming Griggs, Prof. Edward 1996 Fall
MA381 Complex Variables Griggs, Prof. Edward 1998 Spring

Mechanical Engineering

ME255 Statics Keshmiri, Prof. Firouzeh 1994 Fall
ME256 Dynamics Keshmiri, Prof. Firouzeh 1994-1995 Winter
ME354 Thermodynamics Bodine, Dr. Robert 1995 Fall

Management Systems

MS221 Microeconomics Lephardt, Dr. George 1993-1994 Winter
MS322 Macroeconomics Schmedeman, Prof. Lawrence 1995 Spring
MS331 Business Law Reed, Dr. Douglas L. 1994 Fall
MS342 Management Principles Voell, Prof. Mary P. 1996 Spring
MS354 Principles of Accounting Dawson, Prof. Kenneth 1995-1996 Winter
MS356 Business Finance I Schmedeman, Prof. Lawrence 1995-1996 Winter
MS358 Managerial Accounting I Dawson, Prof. Kenneth 1997 Fall
MS444 Business and Government Relations Reed, Dr. Douglas L. 1994-1995 Winter


OR100 Freshman Orientation VandenBoom, Prof. Leonard 1993 Fall
OR402 Professional Guidance Steininger, Prof. Judith 1997 Fall


PH110 Physics of Mechanics Schenstrom, Dr. Anders/Mallmann, Dr. A. James 1994 Spring
PH220 Physics of Heat, Wave Motion and Optics Dawicke, Dr. William/Greengard, Dr. Richard 1994-1995 Winter
PH230 Physics of Electricity Korn, Prof. Jeffrey/Stavn, Dr. Melvin 1994 Fall
PH250 Modern Physics Korn, Prof. Jeffrey/Dawicke, Dr. William 1995 Spring
PH360 Physics of Electronic Materials Korn, Prof. Jeffrey/Dawicke, Dr. William 1995 Fall
PH420 Optics Mallmann, Dr. A. James 1998 Spring