Term Project—Milestone 1: Topic Selection and References

Term Project—Milestone 1: Topic Selection and References

This page describes the first of six project milestones and is due at the end of week 3.

For your term project, teams of 2 are recommended. Teams of 3 are allowed if the project has sufficient scope. You may work individually if you prefer. Make only 1 submission per team in Canvas (from any student on the team) and clearly identify the team members on the first page.

All projects must implement and evaluate a DNN (deep neural network). MATLAB’s Deep Learning Toolbox is recommended, but you may choose another appropriate tool/API if you prefer; TensorFlow (including Keras) and PyTorch are acceptable—please check with the professor before choosing other APIs.

You might expand the scope, especially if you are building on an existing solution; the scope may be adjusted as you research the topic. For example, you may choose to focus on transfer learning, model pruning, quantization, and/or deployment.

For this milestone, you must choose a general topic (e.g., product classification from images using transfer learning, estimating user age from voice recording) and identify a minimum of 3 technical resources; having 5-10 references may be reasonable depending on the quality and quantity of what you find. A minimum of 1 (and ideally at least 2 or 3) of your resources should be conference or journal papers published by IEEE, ACM or similar, high-quality sources. Textbooks, blogs, etc., are acceptable as background and supplemental references.

You should look at abstracts and outlines of your sources with the goal of identifying promising materials (for the next assignment you’ll take a deeper dive into your sources). You want your sources to enable you to answer the following questions.

For each reference, include a short paragraph explaining why it should be useful.

Some places to get started: