MSOE CE Industry Advisory Committee
Meeting Agenda
Friday, October 12, 2018

8:30 AMWelcome and Introductions (Jeff Zingsheim, Chair)
9:00 AMReview of Events
  • Recent
    • Open Houses (7/14/2018, 9/22/2018)
    • Plexus-sponsored CE Student Event (9/18/2018)
    • EECS Industry Forum (9/21/2018)
    • ABET Visit (9/23-25/2018)
    • Career Fair (9/27-28/2018)
    • IEEEXtreme Competition (10/19-20/2018)
  • Upcoming
    • Open Houses (10/20/2018, 4/27/2019, 7/13/2019)
    • Accepted Student Days (9 days beginning 11/9/2018 and ending 4/5/2019)
    • Op Computer Competition (11/16/2018)
    • Rockwell Collins-sponsored EECS Student Event (TBD) and Tour (TBD)
    • JCI-sponsored CE Student Event (spring, 2019)
    • Spring IAC Meeting and Senior Design Show (5/24/2019)
    • CE Student Event (late September, 2019)
    • Fall IAC Meeting and Tour, Sharp Packaging (fall, 2019)
9:30 AMActivities At Your Site
  • Do you have an idea for a student tour, perhaps working with our IEEE student group?
  • The CE program faculty appreciate the opportunity to visit each IAC company at least every few years.
9:45 AMBreak
10:00 AMCurriculum Topics
  • Now have all four years in new 4×4-format curriculum; new networking classes are running for the first time and information security is now a required class for seniors
10:20 AMGeneral Discussion
  • Electives running this year
    • Fall: CS3860 (Databases, Dr. Urbain), CS4981 (Data Science, Dr. Urbain), SE4910 (Mobile App Development, Dr. Riley)
    • Winter: CE498 (Fault-tolerant Design, Dr. Meier), CS4850 (Machine Learning, Dr. Urbain), CS498 (Entrepreneurship in Computing/Engineering, Dr. Dennis), EE484 (Neural Networks, Dr. Ross)
    • Spring: CE/EE4100 (Embedded System Fabrication, Dr. Rothe), CS493 (Advanced Digital Design, Dr. Livingston), EE423 (DSP Applications, Dr. Prust), SE4940 Network Security Tools and Practices (Dr. Schilling)
  • Student representative comments and input
  • Industry representative comments and input
10:50 AMMeeting Wrap-up
  • Agenda items for the next IAC meeting
    Friday 24 May 2019: 8:00 AM, Senior Design Show begins by 11 AM
  • Action items
11:00 AMAdjourn to tour

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