MSOE CE Industry Advisory Committee
Meeting Agenda
Friday, May 25, 2018

8:00 AMLight Breakfast
8:30 AMWelcome and Introductions (Jeff Zingsheim, Chair)
Update on program information (Eric Durant)
8:50 AMUpdated Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategies were approved by Executive Committee of the Board of Regents by March, 2018. Revisit our CE Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) to ensure continued alignment with MSOE Mission and Vision.
9:05 AMReview of Events
  • Recent
    • Op Computer: record attendance of 60 teams of 4 (11/17/2017)
    • Visited Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids (Faculty and 45 Students) (12/8/2017)
    • MSOE/DoE Regional Science Bowl (1/20/2018)
    • JCI-sponsored CE Student Event (3/19/2018)
    • Czech exchange: Intro meeting for CE/AE/CM students (4/9/2018)
    • Diercks CS Hall Groundbreaking (4/23/2018)
  • Upcoming
    • Open Houses (7/14/2018, 9/22/2018, 10/20/2018, 4/27/2019, 7/13/2019)
    • Plexus-sponsored CE Student Event (Tuesday, 9/18/2018 [likely date])
    • Seventh EECS Industry Forum for Students (Friday, 9/21/2018, 12 PM, followed by panel lunch; optional tour before? Diercks Hall construction?)
    • MSOE Career Fair (Thursday-Friday 9/27-28/2018)
    • IEEEXtreme 11.0 (October 20, 2018 UTC [Friday-Saturday], MSOE's 10th year, Dr. Livingston)
    • Fall IAC Meeting: TBD: Volunteer to host: morning meeting followed by tour?
    • Op Computer Competition (Friday, 11/16/2018, Dr. Rothe)
    • Rockwell Collins-sponsored EECS Student Event (Tuesday, 12/4/2018 [confirmed])
  • Ongoing
    • Senior project collaboration
    • Do you have an idea for a student tour, perhaps working with our IEEE student group?
    • The CE program faculty appreciate the opportunity to visit each IAC company every few years.
9:20 AMStudent feedback: Senior debriefing summary
9:35 AMBreak
9:50 AMRecent Developments
  • Popular electives this year:
    • CE-4930 Computer Architecture II (Dr. Meier)
    • CE/EE-4100: Embedded System Fabrication (Dr. Rothe)
    • CS-4920 Information Security (Prof. Vieau)
    • Many other options, including: databases, analog electronics, network security tools and practices, managing the Linux OS, neural networks, computer vision, entrepreneurship in computing/engineering, control systems applications, advanced embedded systems, modern electronic systems, advanced digital system design, software engineering process I, mobile application development
  • Some elective options for next year:
    • CE-4100/EE-4100 Embedded System Fabrication
    • CE-4980 Fault Tolerant Design (Dr. Meier)
    • CS-493 Advanced Digital Design (Dr. Livingston)
    • CS-4850 Machine Learning (Dr. Urbain)
    • Many other options, including: databases, system simulation, C# and language design, managing the Linux OS, neural networks, computer vision, DSP applications, developing secure software
  • Czech Tech. (Prague) spring semester exchange option for sophomores: seventh group (2 CEs, +AEs) completing. Had Skype video conference with them at freshman recruiting meeting in April.
10:00 AMCurriculum
  • Moving into fourth year of CE 4.0 Curriculum, was effective for F'15 freshmen
10:25 AMGeneral Discussion
  • Student representative comments and input
  • Industry representative comments and input
10:45 AMMeeting Wrap-up
  • Agenda items for the next IAC meeting
  • Action items
10:50 AMIAC Group Picture
11:00 AMAdjourn to Senior Design Show

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