MSOE CE Industry Advisory Committee
Meeting Agenda
Friday, May 26, 2017

8:00 AMLight Breakfast
8:30 AMWelcome and Introductions (Jeff Zingsheim, Chair)
Update on program information (Eric Durant)
8:50 AMReview of Events
  • Recent
    • Op Computer: record attendance of 51 teams of 4 (11/18/2016)
    • Visited Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids (Faculty and Students) (12/9/2016)
    • JCI-sponsored MSOE/DoE Regional Science Bowl (1/21/2017)
    • JCI-sponsored CE Student Event (3/20/2017)
    • Czech exchange: Intro meeting for CE/AE students (4/3/2017)
  • Upcoming
    • Open Houses (7/15/2017, 9/16/2017, 10/14/2017, 12/16/2017, 4/21/2018)
    • Brady-sponsored CE Student Event (Monday, 9/18/2017 [tentative date])
    • Seventh EECS Industry Forum for Students (Friday, 9/22/2017, 12 PM, followed by panel lunch; optional tour before? field/parking structure and/or Grohmann Museum)
    • IEEEXtreme 11.0 (date TBD, c. October 21, 2017 UTC, MSOE's 9th year, Dr. Livingston)
    • Fall IAC Meeting: TBD: Volunteer to host: morning meeting followed by tour?
    • Op Computer Competition (Friday, 11/17/2017, Dr. Durant)
    • Rockwell Collins-sponsored EECS Student Event (Monday, 12/4/2017 [tentative])
  • Ongoing
    • Senior project collaboration
    • Do you have an idea for a student tour, perhaps working with our IEEE student group?
    • The CE program faculty appreciate the opportunity to visit each IAC company every few years.
9:20 AMStudent feedback: Senior debriefing summary
9:35 AMBreak and IAC Member Survey
9:50 AMRecent Developments
  • New CE faculty member in fall: Dr. Deborah Varnell
  • New leadership team
  • Popular electives this year:
    • CE-4940 VLSI (Dr. Meier)
    • CE/EE-4100: Embedded System Fabrication (Dr. Rothe)
    • CS-4920 Information Security (Prof. Vieau)
    • Many other options, including: software defined radio, computer vision, databases, distributed and cloud computing, neural networks, DSP applications, developing secure software, C#/language design, machine learning, mobile application development (Android)
  • Some elective options for next year:
    • CE-4100/EE-4100 Embedded System Fabrication
    • CE-4930 Computer Architecture II (Dr. Meier)
    • CS-4920 Information Security (Prof. Vieau)
    • SE-4940 Network Security Tools and Practices (Dr. Schilling)
    • Many other options, including: databases, system simulation, C# and language design, managing the Linux OS, neural networks, computer vision, DSP applications, advanced digital design, developing secure software
  • Czech Tech. (Prague) spring semester exchange option for sophomores: seventh group (2 CEs, +AEs) completing. Had Skype video conference with them at freshman recruiting meeting in April.
10:00 AMCurriculum
  • Moving into third year of CE 4.0 Curriculum, was effective for F'15 freshmen
10:25 AMGeneral Discussion
  • Student representative comments and input
  • Industry representative comments and input
10:45 AMMeeting Wrap-up
  • Agenda items for the next IAC meeting
  • Action items
10:50 AMIAC Group Picture
11:00 AMAdjourn to Senior Design Show

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