General 4+1 / Early Entry Policies

This document summarizes key policies for 4+1 students, who typically begin graduate coursework in their 4th year, earn their undergraduate degree at the end of their 4th year, and complete their master’s requirements about 1 year later.

Early Entry Status

This section was copied from “Types of Acceptance” section of the 2023-2024 Graduate Catalog—June Update:

Conditional Acceptance of Early Entry Graduate Students

Enrolled undergraduate students at MSOE may apply for early entry into select graduate programs during their junior year. Students who meet the admission criteria will then be notified that they are conditionally accepted and are eligible to continue in the program provided they maintain a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA in the remainder of their undergraduate courses and at least a 3.0 cumulative graduate GPA in the graduate courses they take as part of their undergraduate program. If these GPA requirements are met, students achieve full acceptance to the graduate program. If students do not meet those requirements, they will either lose their conditional acceptance or transition to probationary acceptance, which they must resolve within two terms.

The application process for early entry status varies by program. Please check with the program director with any questions.

Students must apply for early entry status while they have junior standing.

Discounted Tuition Rate

This section was copied from the “Graduate Tuition and Fees” section of the 2023–2024 Graduate Catalog—June Update:

Early Entry Master’s Degree Program Charges

Early entry master’s programs offer the ability for MSOE students to complete both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in five years. Students in this program are considered undergraduate students until their undergraduate degree is conferred. Depending on the program, students may take up to 16 graduate-level credits as an undergraduate student, and those credits may apply to both degrees.

Students in the graduate phase of an early entry master’s program are eligible for a discounted tuition rate. Students must have their undergraduate degree conferred in order to be considered for the discounted rate. Students must be enrolled in at least 8 graduate-level credits per term and meet Satisfactory Academic Progress to receive the discounted tuition rate. Tuition will be charged on a per-credit basis by the Student Accounts Office. This discounted tuition rate only applies to the credits and courses required to complete the master’s degree during the graduate phase of the program. This discounted tuition rate is available for up to one year after conferral of the undergraduate degree.

Full-time students (12 credits or more) accepted into early entry programs are charged full-time undergraduate tuition rates and will receive undergraduate financial aid, even though they may be taking graduate courses. If a student enrolls in more than 19 credits, they will be charged the undergraduate per-credit rate for any credits above 19.

Note that that undergraduate tuition and financial aid normally applies during the fourth year, specifically until the undergraduate degree is conferred. Once the undergraduate degree is conferred, graduate tuition applies.

In any cases where MSOE’s offerings do not make it possible to enroll in at least 8 credits in a term, that restriction will be waived.

In any cases where MSOE’s offerings do not make it possible to complete the master’s degree within the 1 year deadline, the deadline will be extended by the minimum amount needed to make it possible to complete the degree.

The 2023–2024 graduate tuition rates for 4+1 students are:

In future years:

MSML Early Entry GPA Requirement Exception Policy

If a student wants to apply to the MSML but doesn’t meet the 3.0 GPA requirement they may apply through the normal process and must include a discussion in a personal statement of how they plan to meet the additional challenges of graduate coursework so that they can earn at least a minimum of a 3.0 GPA each term going forward (both overall and in their MS classes) through completion of the MSML.

The MSML program director will review this statement and the student’s transcript and make an admission decision based on the totality of the information. Students with an MSOE undergraduate GPA below 2.7 will not be considered at this time.

Students admitted who do not meet the 3.0 GPA will need to earn at least a 3.0 GPA overall and in their graduate classes each term going forward to maintain early entry status and to keep the tuition discount after the bachelor’s degree is conferred.

MSML Example Scenarios

Scenario 1

An early entry student is taking 14 credits of classes that meet UG requirements including 1 course that also meets an MSML requirement. The student is also taking a 4-credit class that meets an MSML requirement but not an UG requirement. In this case the tuition for the semester in AY24 is $23,193 (UG FT since 12 ≤ total credits ≤ 19) less any FT UG scholarships, etc.

Scenario 2

An early entry student in their final undergraduate semester has only 11 required UG credits remaining, including an elective that can double-count for the MSML (under the 16-credit limit of graduate classes at UG tuition). The student is also taking a 4-credit class that meets an MSML requirement but not an UG requirement. In this case the tuition for the semester in AY24 is $23,193 (UG FT status can apply in final semester when UG required credits < 12) less any FT UG scholarships.

Scenario 3

A student wants to take both the DS minor and the MSML. However, the minor would fulfil major elective requirements that the student prefers to reserve for the MSML for tuition, financial aid, full time standing, or other reasons. A student may declare that they want their minor courses to be additional requirements and not fulfil their UG elective requirements. A student who wishes to do this should first check with their academic advisor and then the student or the advisor will follow-up with the registrar’s office, who will inform financial aid if needed.